Joshua Tree National Park

So, I’m finally catching up on a lot of work from previous year-and-a-half or so.  For the past couple of years, I’ve been doing a fair amount of traveling and exploring.  But, I never really shared the photos anywhere.  They kind of just sat on my computer and server.  One of my New Years’ resolutions was to post more regularly, even if it does not fit my core work which mostly pertains to portraits and fitness.

I’m starting off with my photos from Joshua Tree National Park.  I went there alone, on a weekday, because all of my LA based friends had regular day job and could not take the day off.  So I borrowed a tripod from a friend drove out.  One of the scariest moments in my life happened while in the JTNP.  The sun has already set and the stars beginning to come out.  In the distance, you can hear people chatting over campfires, but you can also hear coyotes howling.  I thought to myself how great it was to be outdoors, just enjoying the beautiful night sky.  I parked my car along the side of the road and walked out into a field about 10-15 feet away from the car.  I set up the tripod, starting to compose my shot when I heard some bushes ruffling.  At first, I just thought it was a rabbit or small animal or maybe even the wind.  Then…. I heard a low rumbling and bushes ruffling, behind me.  Suddenly, I realized that the rumbling was actually growling!!  I thought: “Oh sh*t!  I’m going to get mauled by a coyote (or something)!”  Luckily, I only had my tripod and camera and no other additional gear, so I was pretty quick and agile.  I grabbed the tripod and held it like a sword pointed in the direction of growling and slowly backed up towards the car. Whew! 😀  The rest of the night, I made the photos from half inside-half outside the car!

Below are a couple photos from JTNP!  If you want to see the full set, please visit the Joshua Tree National Park Page, HERE.


Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park


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