“Feel Free” – A Short Vignette

Feel Free – A Short Vignette from Darren Sabino on Vimeo.

"Feel Free" is a short vignette created by Darren J Sabino and written by Christine Aguiling about her experience with running and how it feels.

So a little back story on the video… Making this short vignette was kind of a super low key personal project.  I knew that I always wanted to do a short running video, particularly with my friend Christine, who got into marathon running a few years back.  But with her traveling the world and me in New York, we rarely get to see one another.  So when the opportunity came up for both of us to travel to Seattle and for us to work with each other again (She’s done the make up on a lot of my shoots) we both jumped at the chance.

The shoot itself was kind of a first for me. Every video that I’ve done prior to this has been more of interview/documentary style. So this was an opportunity for me to do something a little different, almost like a small commercial. Plus, every other personal video project that I’ve done was out of New York, so I had easy access to a lot of gear and grip and stuff through the many rental houses in NYC.  But since this shoot was in Seattle and I was already spending my personal money to travel, I didn’t want to spend a lot on renting gear or I just couldn’t find a rental house that had what I wanted for a good price.  (Tangent… When doing personal projects, you obviously don’t want to break the bank.)  So this shoot was super bare bones.  It was just a Canon 5D Mark 2 (not even a Mark 3), a tripod and that’s pretty much it.   There was Christine running and me shooting video on an outdated camera and the beautiful landscapes of Seattle.

So despite the limited nature of the shoot, from a tech perspective, I think it turned out really well.  Could it be a lot more dynamic, yes.   And I’m not going to lie, I really wish I had a drone for this project.  And who knows, maybe I’ll do another version when I learn to fly a drone.  But I think the video does well without any flying footage.  What do you think?

And beyond the technical aspects, I hope that the video resonates with people who want to get out there and start running!

By the way, due to re-sizing issues, the video below may look compressed or pixelated, so you may want to head over to Vimeo, to see the best quality.



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  1. Craig

    Nice job Darren! Keep pushing yourself,you’ll continue to get even better!



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