Wow To You, May Not Be Wow To Me

In an industry as inundated as the world of photography, you have to stand out and get noticed. You have to deliver the “wow” factor or risk falling into obscurity. But keep in mind that wow to you, may not be wow to me. Close-up action shots of hockey players losing teeth will not impress the photo editor of Joy of Knitting & Basketweaving* magazine, nor will Political Agenda Weekly* appreciate steamy portraits of bikini-clad models (well, at least not in a way that will land you the job). In order to wow your audience, you need to know your audience. Cater to their tastes. Or, better yet, know specifically what kind of photography you want to shoot and then go for the clients who dig your style. It all goes back to a blog post that I did a while back, “Specialize, Don’t Generalize”.

Another way to impress? Do your homework. Wow your potential clients by expressing genuine knowledge about their work and their projects. People like to know that you’re really interested in their magazine, ad campaign, art exhibit, etc. It’s very much like job hunting. When that inevitable question comes up, “Why do you want to work here?”, the candidate who answers with specific references to the company’s products or services will get points over the generalized, nauseating response of “I want to work at a place where I can grow.” <gag>

Do you remember times when you’ve been WOW-ed? I would love to hear some examples.

*Fictional titles created by author of this blog to illustrate a point. Any resemblance to actual titles of publications is pure coincidence.


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