Camera and Cops… Not A Fun Combo

Sometimes I think of myself as a photographer masquerading as an engineer.  Other times, I see myself as an engineer masquerading as a photographer because, yes, I can geek out that much over anything that’s rooted in engineering, science and math (Space-time continuum? Talk dirty to me, baby!).  And perhaps, other photographers find that they, too, wear many hats.

Try this one on:  Photographer as potential terrorist?

Huh?  Really?  Apparently, there seems to be a recent movement that has placed photographers shooting in public areas under greater scrutiny.  LENS, a New York Times blog, details the story of a Manhattan designer rudely interrogated by NYPD for snapping photos of the Javits Center (Article Here).  He’s not alone.  From reading the blog comments, many other photographers – in New York and around the world – have been similarly bullied.

Have you seen the Seattle Public Library, Grand Central Station, any monument in Washington DC, or anything designed by Santiago Calatrava?  They are works of art.  These and countless other civic projects beg to be applauded, not just for their engineering (geeky) wonder, but for their ambitious design and attention to detail.  Are we to turn a blind eye to these visual marvels in the name of national security?  How absurd!

I can geek out about as much about the load bearing structures as much as I can love the design and textures used.  So, police, I understand that you’re doing your job and I thank you for that, but sometimes, we are just geeky photographers that just enjoy visual beauty.  So protect our communities and ask us your questions, but please be open and don’t bully us.

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