I Was Alone…Inspiration Hit…Now What?

In solitude, I come up with concepts.  But it’s in the pre-production meetings that things really come together.

Zen Habits says that the Number 2 habit of highly creative people is: participation.

Especially with photography, I can not do everything alone.  If I’m photographing a model, particularly a female one, I need specialists to help me out, such as with hair, make up, wardrobe.  Sure, I can probably pull off an ehhh…ok shoot, solo, but that would be a ton of work and super stressful.  And the photo shoot probably would not go nearly as smooth or turn out nearly as well.  I also have next to zero experience with hair and make up.  I’ve picked up a couple things here and there by watching, but rarely do I practice.

So to have a truly successful project, you need to enlist the help of your friends.  This marriage proposal is a prime example.  Try to count how many friends this guy employs….  Link Here.


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