When Are You Most Creative?

When are you most creative? When do you feel inspired?  Do you feel like you’re consuming and regurgitating the same stuff that you’re seeing on TV/magazines?

Yes, I know. It’s tough to be truly original these days. With over 6 billion people on Earth, someone has to have roughly the same idea as you, right?

So how do you chance upon the opportunity to really create something amazing?

According to Zen Habits, “The No. 1 Habit of Highly Creative People” is solitude. They site that some of the greatest minds of our time found their most inspirational work while working alone. What you do in your personal time is your business. If you’re a geeky guy between the ages of 12 and 25, we all know what you do when you’re alone… (tinker with your gadgets and computers, of course).

Honestly, I’d have to agree with Zen Habits. I find that my most creative moments, moments of true inspiration, occur when I have a minimal amount of “noise” around me.

Why is this important? If you truly want to push your creative juices, you may need to unplug from your cell phone, TV, Facebook, Twitter and all the other things that tend to consume our lives. Many people have to have a little bit of noise in the background whether it’s music or TV, while others are always around people and are scared to be alone. If they have one moment of solitude, they feel the need to call up a friend or jump online, just so they don’t feel that loneliness. Are they creative? Some are. But, I think they can be much more.

When was the last time you ate by yourself? Enjoyed some music in your bedroom, alone?

Unplug, retreat and maybe something new and amazing can be conjured up.


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