Call To Action

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” – a classic line delivered by children and adults alike.  It’s a perfect phrase for soothing mistakes and getting out of trouble, but from a business standpoint, avoid this mentality.  Sending an email blast?  Do it with purpose.  Calling attention to your work?  Gotta have a purpose.  Let your audience know that YES! What I am doing IS on purpose!

I talked about this the other week, but in case you’re not convinced, think of this:

How many times have you been up late at night, and you catch a fun little infomercial that goes something like this?

Act now, and not only will you get this great vegetable-slicer-mp3-player-lava-lamp combo, but we’ll throw in the second set for FREE!!! All for $19.95!!!.  But wait…for a limited time only, you’ll also get Big Papa’s Jammin’ Polka Hits Double Disc Set!!!  Call in the next 20 minutes to claim your extra bonus gift…this offer won’t last!!!

What did those advertisers just do there?  Yes, annoy the hell out of you…but what else?  They didn’t just say that their product was for sale, but they created a call to action and a sense of urgency to emphasize their message.  Other companies create similar calls to action, like the coupons you receive in the mail or the credit card company offers that all have expiration dates.

If big companies are utilizing this technique, why can’t photographers, graphic artists, and freelancers do the same thing? Remember, not only do you want your prospective clients to look at your work, you want them to look at your work and ACT!!! NOW!!!  BECAUSE CUTE KITTENS ON SLIDES WON’T PHOTOGRAPH THEMSELVES!!! (I love that video.)

Here are some easy things to do to create that essential sense of urgency:
*Special Offers Good for a Limited Time
*Complimentary Trial Period
*Discounts for New Clients

It may require a bit more effort and brainstorming on your part, but taking that extra step to add a clear purpose and a call-to-action to your marketing messages will make all the difference!


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