About a month ago, Houston was experiencing a string of rainy days; so my friend Becca and I decided to try to do a little photo shoot in the rain.  According to the weather report, the Sunday that we chose was supposed to be 60% chance of rain.  But with our luck, it was rainy in the morning and by the afternoon, when we did our shoot, it was just overcast.  There were some light sprinkles but nothing steady like we wanted.  We met up in downtown Houston, near the Wortham Center, which is in the Theater District.  Next to it, there’s a suprisingly nice brick walkway, where a number of local photographers do engagement shots.  It’s nothing amazing, but it’s nice little area.

Here are a couple shots from that photo shoot.




3 Responses to “Becca”

  1. Michael

    Very cool, they’re all good but I think I like the last one the best. Happiness at seeing the sky open up perhaps?

  2. luis

    i love the sepia tones, what are the ACR settings/Actions for that?

  3. darrensabino

    ACR Settings… Saturation = 0 for all colors and then play with your luminance. Drop your blues and aquas and bring up your oranges and reds. Experiment with that and see what you get.



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